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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2011-01-22
Owner wendlo
Title of the Dream Mountain of dreams
Description of Dream

I was sleeping last night and in my dream a small wistful blonde woman comes to the door of the bedroom. she gets my attention and gestures to go outside. We seem to glide down the hall not waking a soul and somehow get outside. There is a beam of light and the next thing I see we are on a mountain top. Looking down I see seven tree's. the first tree is brown and leaves are falling bugs crawling all over it.

the second tree is on fire and people are trying to put it out.. the third tree is broken and twisted.. the fourth tree is diseased looking, the fifth tree is under water the sixth tree is covered with rocks, the seventh tree is dead.

I asked what does this mean. the small blonde didn't seem to talk at all but I could hear all her words in my mind. Her response was that we the people have abused our lands oceans and sky filled our hearts with greed and malice, wars and famine raped the earth and spit her out as trash. A great change is about to proceed. For those of faith and gentleness there will be regrowth. 

Men of money and greed will loose all through their own greed. 

Then I find myself in a room it is the dow stock exchange men throwing papers helter and skelter men in tears and looking forlorn. Now it seems like I have been pushed ahead.There is a hush animals scurrying to safety from the northwest there is a flash. the ground opens and rumbles the winds increase the sky changes and electric lines burst into fires light bulbs burst. Now The men with greedy hearts are now standing with bags of worthless money around their necks moaning over the burden of the weight. People are walking cheeks sunken and sores all over their faces. There are tunnels with people in them that with the shifting of the earth got sealed in. No escape they scream for their own safety with out anyone able to help them.

To the northeast water floods the land and buildings colapse under the stress..The ocean has come to our door step.

Then I wake up.. strange one tonight

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