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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2011-01-11
Owner lightandlaughter
Title of the Dream Seeing Calendar Dates
Description of Dream

These are two separate dreams I've had, but what was sticking out for me the most was the focus on calendar dates as far as the feeling I got when those parts of the dream happened. I began writing them down in a nearby journal within seconds of waking up so I had lots of details that normally are forgotten after a couple of days.

Woke from this dream on 12-22-10 --> I was with a coworker out in a field or park and saw a jet fly by so fast there seem to be flames coming off of it.  We turned left and there were ufo's so close to us & clear.  I thought of them as bell shaped (they almost reminded me of Darth Vader's of all things).  I pointed them out to my coworker and she screamed.  I grabbed her arm & told her to run.  Some other man (who I don't know) was there too & was running. 

Some time passed and it was darker now.  I saw a different UFO, landed on a nearby hillside.  It had a smoother body, was lighter greenish color & it had a silver pole around it...kind of like a hand rail & 3 spokes, also silver, attaching it to the craft.  Maybe more spokes, but later in the dream my mind decided 3.  It was quieter...more calmed down around me (and by myself).  More skips and I'm on the ship with them.  They're all human now (previously not earlier in the dream).  I'm on a seat/couch(?) and I can see outside and the hillside that the craft is sitting on.  I'm so excited as it begins to move.  I'm waiting for everything to start spinning (like the ship looks like it's doing from the outside), but it never does.  I see us getting further from where we were.  I know I should be scared, but I actually feel like I am where I should be.  I feel like everything is now right.  I know I'm not staying, but it's all been set right.  [Don't know what that means] ...

As we left earth, I was seeing whole galaxies nearby.  They appeared much closer than I knew possible with what I knew our own crafts saw when this close to earth.  The space seemed alive with stuff going on.  Planets that were the universe's version of our convienant stores.  Spaceships everywhere & yet far apart.  I felt more like on a roadtrip going through cities, than on a spaceship going through planetary systems.

...skip to end of dream.  We were at some 'event' with lots of other people (and the original crew) and some other guy there made a reference to another 'event' or ceremony that we were having in January.  I don't remember what he was saying, but in my mind's eye I saw the month of January in a calendar, after the new year?  Within the first half of January.  Something between the 1st & 15th?

I woke up from this dream 01-06-2011 -->  In the middle of another dream, a man makes his way through a crowd of people and says to me, "January 18th?  Does that date mean anything to you?"  I said the date sounded familiar to me.  "What about August 18th?" [Or maybe Aug.21?]  He gave suggestions as if to help jog my memory.  Then I said, "Oh...my son't original due date was Aug. 18th [or 21st]...but he was born Sept. 22."  The man had already started to walk away before I even finished but then turned back and said, "I'm going to get him a Thunder Bird." And then I saw the image of the Native American Thunder Bird.  "Sweet!" I said.  -end of that part of the dream-  [This dream felt like it was strongly conncected to the recent lunar eclipse Dec. 21 & solar eclipse Jan 4 & the dream from 12-22...but I have no idea what.]

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