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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2011-01-06
Owner wendlo
Title of the Dream Crossroads
Description of Dream

The dream I had last night was one where I am going to go to bed. I go to the bed which is in a room with four roads lots of really nice fluffy pillows. I lay down and look to the first road. there are children playing and having a good time. the second road is one that has big piles of grain and farmers working like crazy in the feilds. the third road is crystal clear water and people on the shore fishing and brooks running ito the main stream. the fourth road there are people behind desks sitting on bags of money and gold and laughing. I sleep..I wake up from the sound of thunder and rushing of wind.. the room seems dark and gloomy. Sounds of despair are coming from the road where the people were enjoying the park like area here there are signs of misery of war and pain.The laughing Children are now crying and everything is dismal. a loss of hope  and one of hoplessness has arrived. the secnond road and see the farmers all looking distraught the land is cracked and crazy looking bugs are devouring the grain that was stored in piles.  in the back ground I see signs of floods and wind damage the fourth the men of the gold are no longer fat and sitting on the bags of gold they all are in rags and look drawn and haggard signs of starvation everywhere. desperately trying to hand the gold for a cup of rice..

Then I woke up in a cold sweat..

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