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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-12-27
Owner Alaira1
Title of the Dream Off World Calamity
Description of Dream

This world has oxygen, it is extremely bright. So bright I could not see the sky through the light. It is a very dry world, light colored dirt & rock. Caves & tunnels are mostly used for living & traveling. I remember coming over a medium sized mountain of rock. It was surrounded by a rock wall. Reminded me of a wall around a fort or castle. I remember many different types of people/creatures. Lions like, buffalo like, dog like, human like. Some were huge & some quite short. There are many beings racing around inside this fort & as I look over the wall I see many more beings & vehicles (military like) coming toward the fort. There are these creatures (intelligent) racing after them. I feel they want to enter the fort for destructive purposes. I awake shortly after I begin flying over the oncoming vehicles.

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