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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-12-11
Owner Dark Knight
Title of the Dream Nuclear blast wave
Description of Dream

December 8, 2010

DREAM: I was standing in a parking lot of a hall and next to a hill with other people with whom I did not know. Suddenly we heard a loud sound and everyone was like  “what was that”? I said let’s get to the top of the hill and check it out. We as a group headed to the top of the hill. Upon reaching the top in the distance I could see the silhouette of the U.S. Capital and the Washington monument. Beyond these DC structures I could see a large mushroom cloud as in the era of the atomic bomb era and it was continuing skyward.  As we observed what was occurring before us another flash happen this time well beyond the first explosion.

As we stood there we observed a large low level dust cloud racing towards us. I knew it was the blast wave racing towards us and ordered everyone to the bottom of the hill and into the ditch at the bottom. As we headed down I told them not to get behind anything starting with A, like a tree, a car, a truck, a building, etc. Someone said “a ditch” and I replied “no, the ditch”. The blast wave reached us and the hill deflected the blast wave skyward away from us.

After this we reported to a building which resembled a church and people within the community where bringing in food stores. It appeared to me as if they were setting up a community kitchen to feed everyone.  Four of us boarded my pickup truck and went on armed patrol. The three others that where with me either had military or civil service experience. Somehow I knew their experience but did not recognize them as someone I currently know. During our patrol we saw people on the street with whom seemed to be friendly and we asked them if they had seen anything suspicious and none had. We then told them if they do to report it immediately. During this dream I also had a sense that all government run law enforcement was absent and that we as a community had to provide this service in order to sustain existence.

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