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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-11-24
Owner Anaconda Dave
Title of the Dream 1 hour north of Seoul
Description of Dream

A few days ago I had a dream that was pretty vivid.  I say vivid because I normally only have 3-4 dreams a year that I can actually recall.  In this dream, I get a call from a friend who is some alphabet agency (CIA or NSA) who states that A nuclear weapon is to detonate "1 hour north of Seoul (Korea)".  This guy would be someone that has access to this type of information, but as anyone who might get a hold of something this big - you wouldn't go posting it online as it may be bad for your health.  In the dream, the only thing that happened afterwards (perhaps the next morning) was that I turned to some of my extended family whose house i was visiting and I told them about how this morning there would be a nuke that goes off just north of Seoul Korea. Of course no one believed me, but I told them that I had my sources, etc... About an hour later someone had turned on the TV, and just every channel you could think of had reports of a nuclear weapon that was detonated in Korea.  I then tried my best to explain to my family that it was all planned out, and not to trust what the MSM was saying. Told them that it was all part a plan that TBTB were initiating.  They of course didn't believe this either, even though I had just proved that I had a little better understanding of real-world events that were unfolding.Tongue out

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