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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-11-21
Owner awakenedbutterfly
Title of the Dream Three in One
Description of Dream

I have had three very vivid dreams.  All of which happened over the course of the nineties.  Oddly enough, one in 1990, one in 1995 and one in 1999.  The first dream took place in a dessert type location and we were living in some sort of huge facility, like a university, it was all white with some dome roofing in some areas.  I saw the whole building from the outside but then I was inside the building standing in an area that seemed to be a central hub with corridors leading off in every direction, large wide corridors and there were people moving like traffic through the central hub to and from varying corridors.  In this hub was a huge wall of windows through which you could see the miles of dessert.  At that instant while I was looking out of the windows I saw a huge mushroom cloud form off in the distance than I watched as I saw a wall of “vibration?” moving towards us, very quickly, but it all seemed to happen in slow motion and as I watched it looming toward us I could feel it too the force of whatever was coming, and then it hit the window shattered and I felt the force knock me to the ground.  And then I woke up.  I have never had the dream since.

The second dream happened in the valley of some mountains, I believe the Rockies in BC.  In this dream, I somehow became aware of a looming danger that was coming and had to leave the valley, the valley was going to be flooded.  I packed up what I could for the time frame was quick in which the disaster would be happening.  I immediately went to tell my family.  They were dressed to go out for dinner, and thought I was just being silly and how could I ‘know’ anything.  I left them and the valley and then I woke up.

The third dream happened while I was in a car travelling across grassy plains.  I kept watching the clouds in the sky as they were very grey and stormy looking, yet very still and full.  And then just like that the clouds closed in on us they just gradually lowered from the sky until the roof of the car caved in and everything was muffled and quiet.  There was six of us in the car but I could only hear myself and my son breathing and then I think it was him who asked, are we dead, to which the reply made itself known as no and then I woke up.

I have thought of these dreams much over the years, never having them again, and wondering if they every meant anything.  Since discovering your sight here a couple of weeks ago, I have been thinking about these dreams, in light of what is going on the world, and wondered if in fact they are related to each other and imply locations, types of calamities, or something.  Either way I have always felt a need to share them, because although I have never had them again, I will never forget how vivid and real they seemed, especially the one in the dessert.

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