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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-11-11
Owner tarzansgirlfriend
Title of the Dream Sun crisis 11-10-10
Description of Dream

Dream very vivid.  Was in a capsule/spaceship/aircraft, with four or five other people.  We were being lifted off of the planet, and it was very very hot.  All were calm, until the vehicle/craft went upside down.  Felt myself going upside down, heat hitting my face, couldn't breathe for a moment, and very disoriented.  Then, we straightened out and landed in a neighborhood that was unknown to me.  Were instructed to stay inside the vehicle.  The sun was very bright, but not yellow...was orange.  Saw people in boats traveling down a street, and after awhile the door to the craft opened and we were let out, but were told to stay out of the sun.  Immediately I felt a sunburn on my arms.  Recognized a few people on the street, but didn't recognize the surroundings...residential, large homes, but instead of a street, there was a river.  At the end of the block, walking, we noticed a shoreline, and very large homes being built there.  The "guide" with our group said, this isn't real, at the end, these homes won't even exist".  Kept walking, but just wanted to return to the craft and leave.  The guide to the group said that we had three chances to leave, but each person with me had things to do, and the departure kept getting delayed.  Remember being very agitated, and anxious to leave.

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