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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-11-05
Owner martyken
Title of the Dream Rocket Crash
Description of Dream

My wife, son and I were on vacation in some island nation (Presumably Caribbean type). We were waiting for a shuttle to take us back to hotel ( after a days activities on the water) when I was looking north (the sun was setting over my left shoulder) and heard a roar louder than an airplane taking off. I was startled at first, but all the islanders seemed to be used to it. So as I looked at the rocket, which didn't appear to look like a long white tube like when I was a kid. Rather it looked shorter and had windows. As it climbed, I noticed that it did not take off straight into the air, but instead started to arc in front of me now heading east, then rolling over. Then it continued to arc and unbelievably, just kept up it's semi-circular path until it hit the ground in the middle of a city and exploded in flames. I could see it hit clearly because of being on the water at a harbor or beach. This dream was in color and very vivid. I just remember wanting to go to the crash site and help but then woke up.

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