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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-11-03
Owner ck
Title of the Dream Shot by the military
Description of Dream

A feeling of being chased featured strongly at first. I was not alone, walking up and down mountain roads (idyllic) with a group of people - it felt they were my friends but I can not recall faces or names but it had a familiar feel to it. We walked at first and then started running. In the distance we could hear choppers approaching and suddenly they were above us. Starting firing bullets at us - shooting at us. Huge military helicopters. Just over our heads. Really low. Bullets hitting left and right of me. I fell down, duck down in a mould in the ground, a person/friend just above me pushing me further down, shouting at me to move to let them shelter as well. i tried to move but almost was unable. Then rolled over and was hit in the right arm first, turning round in pain and shot in my left side of the torso - through the ribs, it did hurt - a lot! Suddenly there was silence, the army guys were walking amongst us, picking us up. Came to me, and when picking me up to shift me a pain went through me, and I could feel bits coming up through my throat - bits that felt like small little crumble from my lungs. I had to spit them out. I almost choked. Then I blacked out. And when I woke, I saw being carried into a building that was called "Rudolf Hess Medical Research Center". - That was it, woke up. Feeling a rumble (defo no earthquake I checked). But it left me feeling really uneasy. 

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