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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-05-21
Owner Jay Avatar
Title of the Dream Where to go?
Description of Dream

I am in a vast estate, large villa with columned porches. There are Xmas decorations all around ready to be put up (season?) but it is warm outside and corn is growing in the garden, which is contradictory to the task of the day; hanging Xmas decorations. Perhaps I am in a different climate location, or have the poles shifted already and I missed it?

I am getting perpared for something and it feels urgent. I have two other roommates who are helping me to get ready to store necessary survival items downstairs in the basement. I see several white trucks drving fast in the distance towards my house. I don't have a good feeling about their intentions.

I have four large dogs, mastiffs who protect the grounds. They are dear loyal companions worth saving for the future but they guard by instnct so I have one roommate put the three most assertive barking dogs downstairs as I don't want to be detected. I keep the sweetest one up with me as I go around turning off the electric, gas connections, well, and lock all doors.

The first white truck stops and I see a very large military man get out. I don't know what nationality he is. He gets out a gun with a silencer and starts shooting all the locks to open the doors then shoots randomly into the house everywhere. The bullets hit the Xmas decorations and one ricochetes off a Xmas wreath and grazes my foot. I felt the pain (in my sleep) and heard my dog welp. The bullet hit her!

Angry at my sudden loss I surge out into the yard to confront the soldier with the gun. I find myself in the corn field answering questions about my food supply and abundant garden at such a time of year,  when I see more black SUV's drive up, which belong to the secret service. I am wisked away by one of the black SUV's blindfolded and find myself inba room with my two roommates waiting for ???

A secret service man comes in followed by a former President. Bill comes in a with charateristic charm starts chatting about everyday nonsense. The three of us look at each other, shrug and say nothing. I am wondering what this is all about and start to speak but Bill shushes me with a finger to his lips and whispers " The room is bugged we cannot speak".  He goes to a window and pulls down what I think is a set of blinds but is instead a large world map. He begins to tell us of underground bunkers the PTB are preparing to go to in a very short time. I looked at one, Mt. Killamenjaro and with disbelief asked why a volcano would be a good bunker. He replied that what appears to be one thing at its surface is yet another underneath, and that goes for the Sphinx. I start to tell him it will do no good to go underground as that will also become a tomb but stop short. Let them all go and bury themselves.

He also said great waterways will change shortly.

With that said he left and all in the room passed out. (Toxic gas emissions?) When we awoke there was a beach and a boardwalk. I walked the boardwalk looking for someone I knew but the faces were not familiar. I do see a man I know well who just passed away. he was selling hats. I wanted to buy one as I knew it was important to wear one but could not get through to him. He could not hear me.I wondered if this man had knowledge he took to the grave with him that I (we) needed to share.

I woke up a bit unsttled that I needed to wear one of those hats (facts, knowledge, wisdom) but could not purchase one and was it too late?

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