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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-06-05
Owner SoonerYankee
Title of the Dream Powerful Windstorm
Description of Dream

As I became aware, I found myself helping others who had been left homeless because of the disaster, whatever it was.  I was providing them with comfort and trying to keep them calm.  Suddenly there were others who I couldn't see driving all of us from the building in which they were sitting and huddling together.  We managed to scurry out one of the doors.  I covered my head from flying debris and made my way home only to find that my house, a somewhat large two story structure, was beginning to tear apart.  I rushed upstairs to get my three kids (I have three grown ones but these were my children in their pre-teen years) downstairs and into a more secure area of the house.  I returned upstairs only to watch as the roof was taken, followed by the walls and everything else upstairs.  I jumped down to the ground and went inside, announcing to my kids and wife that the roof was gone.  I then went oustide, intending to use the studs from upstairs as supports for the walls on the first floor, nailing them against the house and anchoring them to other studs driven into the ground.  However, before I could get started, I awoke.  It was like being in a movie.  I don't usually remember dreams this long, but I had access to the computer and had to write this one.

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