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Category Calamity Misc.
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Created 2010-05-28
Owner Kathy
Title of the Dream Dreams of Nuclear Attack-multiple dreamers
Description of Dream

Let me start off by saying that I rarely remember my dreams. I know I dream every night, but the most I retain are only bits and pieces, and they too fade to memory. 

This dream occurred about 2 months ago. My dream begins and I find myself lieing on my back, on the floor, of a house. Im not sure if this is my house, but it is some sort of home. As I look toward the ceiling, suddenly the roof is torn off violently. As I continued to look into the blackness (night time?) I become aware of debris and wind flying by at what appeared to be hundreds of miles per hour. I realized that there was a nuclear explosion somewhere close by. The scene appeared like something out of the movie Wizard of Oz, with the tornado throwing debris, but this debris was being swept past the roof like a freight train. The dream then ended.

I spoke to my husband about it the next day, and told him that the dream was probably the most vivid I ever had, it in fact was burned into my memory, every scene, all of the debris.

My husband almost fell off his chair. He told me that he too had a similiar dream that night, a dream of a Nuclear explosion in a nearby town. 

It doesnt end there. I went to visit my 80 year old Father that same day. He is in assisted care due to Cancer. As I spoke with him, he said he had something to tell me. He is not the type to tell me such things, especially dreams. He was very upset, he told me he had a dream last night of Nuclear explosions nearby, and utter destruction from them. He was a little embarresed to tell me, I could tell. I did not tell him that myself and my husband had similiar dreams that same night.

My Husband and I spoke about it later and asked ourselves; "What are the chances of that?" I suspect they are pretty astronomical. I also know that these dreams were prophetic.

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