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Category UFO's
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Created 2010-12-22
Owner Crimsonrick
Title of the Dream Recurring UFO dream
Description of Dream

I have been having a recurring UFO drean for several years now. They are so vivid, I wake up & have trouble returning to sleep afterward. They vary some but the basic dream is the same. I am outdoors, usually with other people around. Sometimes it's family members but often unknown strangers. We are watching the night sky as there appears to be a battle going on between UFOs. One constant in the dreams is a type of craft that changes shape and appears to have almost a swimming,undalating motion. It's usually very large and has red lights around the exterior. This craft is exchanging some type of fire with other craft in the sky. Occasionally this craft lands nearby and at this point I usually wake up. Those of us on the ground are feeling very threatened by what is happening and are trying to determine our best course of action. I have this dream about once a month, sometimes more often.

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