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Category UFO's
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Created 2010-10-01
Owner Krys
Title of the Dream Reality & Dreams
Description of Dream

So-called real:  I dropped some friends off and drove home.  It was 9:30pm.  I pulled in the driveway and got out of the car.  I felt something funny and looked up for some reason.  Approaching overhead and very very close to the ground was a long cylindrical metal object, absolutely silent, surrounded in fog with soft colored lights blinking.  I just watched it go by, so silent, slowly cruising, not even air movement.  I got very excited and ran into the house, looked up the associated press and called them.  I told them what I had just witnessed and the guy on the other end was excited, "We were getting calls from New MExico about this!  It seems to be moving SW to NE!"  I was in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He took my name and address and hng up (my name was in the paper the next day as one of the callers).  That night I dreamed of people but I knew somehow they weren't human.  They looked human but had an energy about them that was different; still, direct, intense.  A blond woman looked at me and it was the eyes, something more was in them, direct, observing.  She was beautiful and totally human looking but nit human.  Then a younger woman came and stood before me.  She looked very much like the older woman but funkier in a retro/goth way.  She stood in front of me and without words said, Show yourself.  I felt extremely shy and looked away from her.  Show yourself,  she "said" again.  And I looked at her, knowing I was just like her but had forgotten.  Energy shot out of her eyes into mine and I felt painlessly electrocuted.  I stood my ground until it was over. 

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