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Category UFO's
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Created 2010-06-25
Owner Dr. Frankensteam
Title of the Dream An Approaching Summer Storm
Description of Dream

When you hear a thunderous roar coming from directly overhead it's only natural to look up, isn't it? At first all you could see was a gray cloud boiling, churning in the sky. Thunder? An approaching Summer storm, perhaps? No, wait! What the...what is that? Looks like an aircraft carrier, but inverted, and massive. I think I held my hands over my ears, or maybe just raised them over my head in astonishment--unbelievable--my eyes must be deceiving me. How does something that big just hang there? I'd seen big planes before--the Space Shuttle on it's 757 transport--even seen the Antonov 225 it's a big-bad-boy, but this--this was 10 times that size. They're here! The hair on my arms was standing straight up, and my ears popped. That's no typical airplane--it's alien, I thought.

The Aliens had gone public (we would later learn just how long they'd secretly been here), and in the days following the first landings, the World had gone 'ape-shit' with fear over the uncertainty of what might be coming next. The doomsday cultist ranted and raved; churches filled to overflowing, the militaries of the World were mobilized and poised to defend the Earth, but the bombs never fell, nor did death-rays burn the flesh from the bones of Mankind; instead, the lights stayed on, there was plenty of food and gas; they had, afterall, come in peace, and with one simple message to the people of Earth. The Universe, the aliens would tell us; was teaming with life of all kinds; sentient, living breathing biological life; impossibilities of unimaginable strangeness, some nothing more than what you would call smoke, some large a planets.

As the weeks following the alien revelation of their presents ticked by; the ant pile of frantic people quickly calmed down, and a media feeding frenzy of sorts settled in on the Aliens. At first, they were referred to as Invaders--later--Space Brothers by the press--and their amazing technology. WOW! Did they have tech; like we never dreamed of.

Special representatives of the Human Race where invited to function as liaisons between Them and Us. Selected by lottery, 144,000 people representing all nations and races, joined the Alien Introduction Liaison And Education Program. I agreed to interact with (even travel to their planets (they had more than one)) with Them. Yea, I saw that episode of the Twilight Zone, "To Serve Mankind" where the foolish trusting humans fall for the alien propaganda, only ta be duped into traveling back to their planet to be eaten. I know, I know--all my friends said don't do it--it's a trick. Never in my life had I ever won anything--all those Lotto tickets--and not a cent ta show for it. I figured sometimes, ya gotta say, what the heck.

I had an all-expense-paid vacation to the most beautiful planetary system you could ever imagine, and lived ta tell about it. Not bad I thought, for a guy with just a high school education. I felt mighty proud talking into one of those gizmos they gave me to record my reflections on Them.

Mankind had grown up, maybe even been saved from self destruction, by the knowledge that other creatures had survived their own technological developments; over came the urge to violent behavior, and then come here, with love and peace in their hearts, to little old Earth, to tell us that if They could do it, so could We.
I considered it a great privilege and honor to have been lucky enough to participate in the Evolution of Humanity. We had become, Us.
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