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Category UFO's
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Created 2010-05-31
Owner Lorien
Title of the Dream Very Weird Dream
Description of Dream

Myself and someone else are sitting in rocking chairs on a front porch overlooking some green forested mountains. I'm saying "The Queen of England is on her way here." I start hearing this rushing/roaring noise getting louder. Suddenly an alien craft comes flying up from behind the mountain in front of us. Its disc shaped, silvery on top. On the underside it looks like a smaller silver wheel in the middle of the much larger wheel of the craft's body. (Wheel in a wheel like in Ezekial?) Radiating between the two are spikes of different colored energy. I remember thinking "Oh, that's a shintjowoin (rough approximation) drive." ??? A small belligerent creature that looks like a two foot tall monkey in a silvery-white space suit is standing in front of us. I keep trying to communicate with it but it's not clear. (perhaps how they view humans?) I say "I can't figure out what you want. What...is one of your goals to protect the animals?" It starts nodding its head and picks up a small animal and starts kissing it. ??? Hard to misinterpret that. Then the scene changes. We're still on the porch and I can see a smaller, boxey craft in the sky. It flies down to ground level quietly and begins lightly touching these red posts sticking out of the ground making them light up. Then it's gone and the scene changes to day. I go out and look at these red posts. There's a psychic imprint on the posts. They're connected to underground facilities. The imprint is saying "Your government is using underground facilities off subways/sewers and old World War II underground facilities to inprison people." Then the dream is over.

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