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Category Planes & Such
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Created 2010-11-05
Owner Rardvaark
Title of the Dream Neighborly Air Raid
Description of Dream

In the dream: I was upstairs trying to sleep when I heard voices, announcer types, as though there were a football game nearby, but they were much louder and many of them were speaking simultaneously. Overlaying the voices were loud chopping sounds. The noise was of such a volume that physically disturbed the air and was painful to the ears. Think fire siren next to your head amplified a hundred-fold. The cacaphony would indeed mute a tornado siren. It physically penetrated the body. I remember thinking that I can’t believe my sister, who used to sleep in that room, would have to deal with this everytime there was a football game(we have a highschool stadium down the road).  I noticed how the sound seemed to be level with the second floor of the house, as though the source of the sound were in the air. I caught a snippet of what of one of the announcers were saying. It was hard to catch because it was so loud and all the announcers were speaking simultaneously, from different directions.  The announcer dubbed himself and the other announcers as the Apache Air Somethings, and said something about "for all you people weaving while driving out there, we’ll have something for you later." The voice was very news casterly, or similar to a sports commentator. Despite the cacophony I stubbornly tried to sleep.

Afternote: Found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_AH-64_Apache#Advanced_Attack_Helicopter, sounds like the dream was about an air raid.

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