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Category Planes & Such
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Created 2010-10-30
Owner Finite Statist Machine
Title of the Dream Aircraft Cloaking Chemtrail and Martial Law
Description of Dream

In this dream I am packing my clothes in a hotel.  A friend comes in a bit of panic and tells me there's government helicopters and planes coming after citizens and killing them.   I meet a woman who was quite attractive who wanted to go out with me.  As I talk to her her face changes, like its having trouble holding consistency of being, one moment her mouth looks like something out of the movie The Living Dead, I can see teeth and jaw bone, the next moment she looks fine.  Its like parts of her body are no longer in phase with this reality.  My friend is horrified and terrorified and leaves, he says "its happening to everyone leave before it happens to you!" but this woman is very kind and not a monster but I don't understand what is going on with her body - like its in transition to a differnet quantum state or something but not yet completely transitioned.  I decide to trust her, she tells me to follow she has something to show me.  


We elude various troopers now on the ground and its very cloudy and gloomy outside.  L.A. seems to be in martial law but its kind of keystone cops martial law, its half hearted and far too few troops.  And like with the high patrol, Californians know that if the cop stops someone else it means they can't stop you, so nobody is obey the troops.  We are near some Freeway in Los Angeles, I can tell its Los Angeles because of how tight the radius is  on the on and off ramps.  I look up in the sky and there is this unusual chemtrail that has been laid down in the sky like a straight highway of cotton, and its somehow been put into some kind of energetic plasma state where its very state changes things optically, it seems to be a cloaking chemtrail and it seems to camoflage very well huge quantites of military planes and helicopters who are going back and forth from somewhere not near to me. 

All of the aircraft seem to have sound canceling systems on them so that they are nearly silent.   This is an aircraft armada unlike anything since WWII.  But the chemtrail is not 100%, if you look at it closely you can seen the aircraft flying above it but its as such that if you are not one who looks at the sky regularly that you might miss it.   I find myself deeply disturbed to see what I had taken to be wild conspiracy theory to be now happening - a goverment gone insane attacking its own citizens.   Then I find myself starting to res-in and res-out, and I start see that living dead look to me, but it doesn't hurt, and I seem to know that its just a quirk of whatever process is going on and I am glad I did not abandon this woman and he friends because of needless fears of the moment.

This dream is similar in many ways to a dream I had maybe 10 years ago about military spacecraft (non-saucer) that were above earth.  I later saw that same design of space ship show up on the TV show Stargate as man's first use of faster than light travel.   The sky in this dream was so similar to that dream that when I woke up I remembered the prior dream from many years ago.  In that dream there was an armada of space ships - somehow how these two dreams are connected but I am not sure how or why.

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