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Category Planes & Such
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Created 2010-09-25
Owner Martha
Title of the Dream white poisonous snow
Description of Dream

I had this dream Sept 20.  In it, I was with friends and my husband in an apartment that was ours in the dream.  Maybe 4th or 5th floor.  View of the night sky out the window.  First fighter jets screamed by the window.  LOUD and menacing.  Then they were followed by MANY white, wedge-shaped craft -- like something out of a Star Wars movie.  Military? UFOs? And they were spraying this flaky white stuff -- like Ivory Snow flakes.  We all "knew" it was poison & tried to cover the windows to keep it out.  But we also knew that it was "game over" because everything outside was covered with the white stuff & would be killed by it.  And we would die when we went out & were exposed to it.  Disquieting to say the least!

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