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Category Planes & Such
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Created 2010-05-29
Owner beaverlodge
Title of the Dream ne, sea, crashes
Description of Dream

During the Vancouver Oympics of this year, I had a waking dream in clear light and presence.  I wrote the description on the same day as the dream.  The powerful light of the dream lasted a week before it dissapated.

I'm on a low hill overlooking a bay on a nice morning.  A small plane in the distance catches my eye.  As it come closer, I see that it's pulling a tent trailer on a cable. What??  As I'm wondering why a plane would pull a tent trailer it's flying toward me  at about 1500 ft.  It approaches me, it banks to it's left and flies across my field of view.  I can see it isn't a tent trailer but more like an over-turned yellow life raft.  The plane banks left again, moving away, but begins to loose air speed and the life raft sags.  The plane stalls and goes straight down into the ocean.  I'm shocked and stunned as I watch the plane go down into the ocean.  End of dream.

The same day as my waking dream, in Vancouver/Whistler, a young Oympian luge competator died while racing the Olympic track. I thought of what I had dreamt and could see similarities with the tragic death but I felt there was much more to come.  Later that day two trains crashed in Belgium.  I refected there was more besides the crashes of that day.  However the following two days covered the events I saw in my dream.  

Today, February 25, 2010, a single engine Piper Cherokee plane flew into a building in the US.  It's the same model I flew for my private pilot's liscence.  This was this first part of my dream three mornings ago where a single engine aircraft flew past me pulling an overturned life raft and then crashed into the ocean.  And today also there is a story in the news about a tall mast sailing ship that overturned in a storm off the coast of Brazil.  There were 64 people on board and all made it onto life rafts.  Lots of things have crashed in the last few days since my dream.  Two trains, a plane, a ship and, may he rest in peace, the young Georgian athlete.  How to describe the unspoken, the wordless, the yet to come?  Not always easy.


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