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Category Off/Other Worlds
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Created 2010-10-06
Owner Krys
Title of the Dream Meeting my father on a pink planet
Description of Dream

Since I started sharing my dreams on this website they're just flooding into my memory...

I's been thinking about my origins; who am I really and where am I from?  I was thinking this, and wanting answers - no mnessing around.  In my dream I was moving through space and a thought-voice worriedly kept saying, "Your body can't handle this, it will die."  I could feel my heart becoming stone.  Even though I thought it might kills me I kept on.  I didn't care.  At least I would know the truth.  There was a pretty planet in the distance that was a shell pink color wrapped in wispy clouds.  I was propelled towards it and found myself standing on it in front of my father.  Not my earthly father.  He would not allow me to see his face.  I could only see him from the neck down.  He was tall and wore a black cape-like garment lined with the same shell pink of the planet.  I think we were standing in the mountains of the planet but there were earth-like rocks and green grass - no, we were back on earth and he moved toward me, turned me wround and put his arm around my shoulders and showed me the earth.  He was telling me things through thoughts that I don't remember.  The only thing I remember was knowing what I was seeing was the condition of the earth many years from that time (I dreamed this is 1985).  The ground was burnt and all the trees, as far as I could see, were burnt and still smoking.  The sky was grey.  Everything felt dead.

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