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Category Moon / Planets
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Created 2011-01-13
Owner JBH
Title of the Dream Sky Phenomenon
Description of Dream

I dreamed this last night (1/12/11).

I dreamed that it was a warm spring day and it had just finished raining.  I went outside to look for rainbows, as I normally do.  But, as I was looking up at the sky, there was a iridescent halo around the sun.  Not to terribly unusual, but it seemed as to be "projected" on to other objects and areas of the sky.  There was more than just the halo, there were sundogs and other types of sun arcs all around the sky.  Anything that had a reflection of sunlight had the rainbow-halo.  Even the glint of sun off the car had a funny halo around it.  I went back in the house to get my phone (to take a picture).  When I came outside to take a picture, the sun was still shining brightly, but the sky was dark as night and the stars were out.  The area around me looked to be like at dusk, even though the sun was fairly high in the sky.  It just wasn't emitting enough light to illuminate everything.  One star (about the current brightness of Jupiter) was the brightest thing in the sky, save the sun and moon, it also had a iridescent halo and it looked so odd an bright against the black sky.  I tried to take a picture, but my phone wasn't working.  It seemed to have crashed.  I tried restarting it, but it wouldn't respond.  Other people were out of their houses now looking up at the sky taking pictures with regular cameras.  The only camera I could think of that I had was an old 110mm camera that I had as a little kid (that camera was long gone YEARS ago).  I opened it and seeing it was out of film, wondered if they even make that type of film anymore.

At this point, there are other weird things happening with the sky (swirling clouds, shooting stars, and the appearance of an abnormally large moon with a bunch of jagged point (much like how a child draws the sun with "rays").  I came to the conclusion that it was all some kind of special effects hologram and that it was created by the nearby theme park (there is no theme park nearby where I live though) and they sent out a special signal to disable camera phones so that we couldn't take pictures and share them.  They were just testing out some new technology for some kinda new ride experience.

That is just the conclusion I used to justify all of the weird things happening.  Even in my dream I needed a "rational explanation"  I wasn't totally convinced because the "feeling" from the first sun halo and the subsequent darkness felt like 2 different phenomena.  There was something that just didn't make sense about it only being a "normal test".

I don't know, maybe my "inner dream eye" has cataracts or something.  

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