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Category Moon / Planets
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Created 2010-05-26
Owner Rebecca
Title of the Dream Phoenix Moon
Description of Dream

5/26/10 am

I was at the beach restaurant waiting for a table at dinner w/my husband, another couple and my sister and her husband. The sun was about to set and there was an eclipse of the sun by the moon. On the TV in the bar area, it was on the news as it was happening. It was a weird anomoly and no one predicted it. As the sun was partially obscured by the moon, there was an orange image of a phoenix, like it was projected on there almost. It looked like a native american drawing. Then the image did a 180 degree turn, it was upside down, as the sun set into the water. It was somewhat frightening.

EVeryone in the bar was talking and on their cell phones. I told my friends that I read about  it  somewhere and the ancients mentioned it. I said it was a sign of regeneratiion or rebirth. "like jesus," was my example. I explained, it only happens every 10,000 years or more but when it does it means man is evolving. Or like the whole phoenix myth. 

I actually woke up an hour early to write this but it was very profound.

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