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Category Flying / Levitation
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Created 2011-01-11
Owner Finite Statist Machine
Title of the Dream Parts of Kansas City Levitating
Description of Dream


I had this dream last week.  I was in Kansas City and parts of town seemed to be lifting off in cubes.  Like complete cross sections of buildings homes etc. had been laser sliced and were now floating upwards.   It wasn't aliens doing this, it was humans trying to take pieces of their lives with them to some safe harbor (which I understood to be a large craft unseen in the dream).  There were parts of parking garages with cars still in them, complete sections of town rising up into the sky.  It was something similar to how a hoarder indentifies their "self" with crap they have in their house, rather than what they are and their relationships with other people.

Standing next to me was an benovolent ET, he said "they don't really need to expend all this effort, we came here to help you through the world changes that are coming.  This is all very futile on their part."    He wasn't condemnatory towards these humans who felt they were saving what they thought made up civilization (by preserving their corner of it and their possessions).  The ET seemed rather sad at the limited imaginations of those in government and military.

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