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Category Flying / Levitation
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Created 2010-08-15
Owner Vicky
Title of the Dream Cosmic Wave & Deserted Los Angeles
Description of Dream

I had this vision a little over three years ago (early 2007).  I was joined on a beautiful private beach by two angelic-like entities; no wings, just an impression of glowing light and whiteness, and a loving, caring feeling.  Their names were "Laria" and "Helena."  They held my hands, and we started flying into the sky very fast, past planets, stars, and galaxies to what seemed to be the edge of the universe.  We then turned around to fly back towards earth.  They showed me something that kind of looked like a wave heading towards earth.  You could see through it, but it distorted things through it, kind of like looking through heath or something.  I couldn't tell what was causing the distortion... heat, gravity, (time?), or whatever.  We continued flying toward Earth, then low over what appeared to be a deserted and destroyed Los Angeles.  The buildings were collapsed, and it appeared there had not been people there for quite some time.  We then "landed" back on the beach where we started from. 

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