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Category Flying / Levitation
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A473. Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

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Created 2010-08-03
Owner Mysoma
Title of the Dream Maple Angel
Description of Dream

I found myself on a grassy hill,mid afternoon maybe, mild wind.  There was a single tree rustling at my back and I could feel slightly warm from the sun.  I felt a presence from above the tree lower down to me and rest two hands on my shoulders.  I felt very peaceful as though these were compassionate beings behind me, I don't recall if there were one or more to be clear.  I heard a voice softly say " You have to see this"  I rose up into a low cloud a suddenly shot very quickly through the clouds which resembled a tunnel coming so quickly.  I slowed over a coastal/lake city that was partially destroyed with a definate line through the centre of it mass that appeared to be lava.  The half that had been destroyed was closest to the coast.  The other half of the city was under construction or completely new, like nothing I can recall seeing.  The buildings were cylindrical and opaque in appearance with a dull green tone mostly.  It was very beautiful to look at from the sky I remember which made me feel strangley at ease with the sheer scope of the destruction I was seeing.  We returned to the hill and set down very gently. 

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