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Category Flying / Levitation
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Created 2010-07-16
Owner Pando19
Title of the Dream Preparing for the Baby
Description of Dream

I am on a flight, possibly to the Orient, but I know that a bomb will explode at 11:00 a.m., precisely (11th month?).  I feel a sense of urgency because I must be off the plane before 11, but I have no sense of panic because I have time to do what must be done and be off the plane.

I go to my cabin to pack and discover a new-born baby in the middle of my bed.  This is a very strong baby because he rolls himself up to a sitting position and smiles at me.  I realize that I am responsible for the care of this baby, but I have nothing for him - no clothes (he is wearing only a t-shirt and a diaper), no diapers, no food -- nothiing.  So I set out for the baby store on the plane.

I try the elevator (this plane is more like a cruise ship with many levels), but I do not get to the level containing the baby store even through I have gone to four levels.  I ask an attendant who tells me that the store is on the fourth floor, and I try the elevator again. 


I am still unprepared to care for the baby, but my barking dog wakes me up.

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