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Category Breathing /Breathe
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Created 2010-11-30
Owner yantra
Title of the Dream double upside down rainbows
Description of Dream

the end of this morning's dreams ended a bit strangely. i was in my hometown, near the target in an open field and the doors were playing a concert that seemed quite unpopulated. after running to the front of the concert area, i looked into the sky and saw 2 or 3 upside down rainbows that were so perfect they looked like illustrations of rainbows rather than actual air. it was then that i realized that the rainbows shouldn't be upside down, and that they were actually raining chemicals on everyone, so i jumped to the ground and stuck my face as deep into the grass and dirt as i could. i then realized that others around me were unconscious, and that i (though a bit groggy) need to run to safety. i began to flee and heard a worker (who was wearing navy and seemed like a government nurse) saying that most people took another 10 minutes to become aware, and that i was the first to be present so shortly thereafter. others were being packed into vans (though standing and half-conscious). i was carrying two couch cushions, which i later discarded as they were inhibiting my running. when i returned 'home', which was by now san francisco and not my hometown, i noticed that many of my fellow concert goers were in my house/apartment also, and had just been dropped off there. at first i was a little startled, thinking that they would be zombies, but they were all fairly normal and so i began to accept them. i awoke shortly thereafter.

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