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Category AIR
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Created 2010-09-28
Owner Grace
Title of the Dream Spaceship Test Spin
Description of Dream

All this recent news about possible alien visitors arriving reminded me of a some dreams I'd had a couple years ago.

In the first dream...I was dreaming I was in some unfamiliar middle class neighborhood U.S.A. Some Aliens had landed and they were really mean! I heard them harrassing (or worse,) some people in a house, and I wanted to help those people out, but what to do? So I went in their garage and that's when I found where the Aliens had parked their space craft. I knew if I could get the darn thing started, I would fly it out of there, thus trap and distract the aliens which could possibly give the people in the house time to escape. So I got into the Space craft, started it up, and some how knew what to do next to get it flying. At first it was wobbling this way and that, but I finally got it flying smooth and was successful in taking it out for a test spin and woke up.

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