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Category AIR
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Created 2010-06-08
Owner LifeDreams
Title of the Dream Under the dustline
Description of Dream

I was riding what appeared to be an electric bicycle, through the streets of an unfamiliar town located in a Swiss-like valley near high but not snow-clad mountains.

Before starting my journey, I had noticed there was a clear film all across the sky, from one side of the valley where the film met the mountains, to the other side of the valley where it also met the mountains.

The reason I noticed the clear film, was because next to the mountains, not at the peaks, but lower than the peaks where the film came to meet them, there was dust and debris gathering and "floating" on the film, much like debris in a creek or river gathers in the snags and swirls and remains in the eddy, going nowhere.

As I rode through the streets, people were coming out of the shops and pointing up to it and talking amongst themselves excitedly about the film and the dust "floating" in it. If you looked closely, you could also see the "dust" in currents between the mountains, like a small, almost non-perceptive oil streak on the top of water flowing gently.

I found I had to pay attention to where I was riding, and I had to dodge the people who were now coming out of all the doors to gaze at the sky and the dust layer.

What was also odd, is that just before awakening, a 30-ish girl came out of a doorway, right into my path, and when I swerved to miss her, I did so using a small, thumb-controlled toggle-switch on the handlebars. The bike lifted slightly into the air, glided smoothly around her, and continued its minor ascent down the street, without a sound.

As I looked over my shoulder, back towards her, I thought, "How did this bike do that?", and I awoke with a racing heart.

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