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Created 2010-06-04
Owner slim2none
Title of the Dream Blue Star Kachina
Description of Dream

Overnight May31 - June 1, 2010 I dreamed I saw the Blue Star Kachina.

With no reference to a known constellation but a underneath a group of stars in roughly a diamond shape, below the bottom white regular star was shining a  smaller but very easily visible bright, brilliant blue star unlike any I've ever really seen.  Very little twinkle, just constant hard blue light.

I turned to others and said "hey, look, it's the blue star Kachina!"  Several others looked where I was pointing and said "It IS the Blue Star Kachina"  with no great excitement (as if I had just pointed out the Big Dipper). 

I have little familiarity with the Hopi legends but no great interest or research into them.  I rarely remember dreams.  Not only did I remember this the next morning, but I soon forgot about it and then re-remembered this dream that afternoon.  Seems that I was supposed to remember it.

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