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Category So-So News
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Created 2010-09-21
Owner Charger86
Title of the Dream Many lives
Description of Dream

I'm posting this in S0-So News because it's "After Life"  but really these dreams are just about future lives, of which I seem to be on a streak. This is quite different from all previous dreaming in my life time. Normally dreams place us in circumstances where you are unaware that time is different, and it only the circumstances which are surrounding you that dream are about. In these dreams it is clear that it another time and that I am much younger, in my 20's, where I am really in my 50's. In all cases the circumstances are of a world and society which is greatly deminished: Nearly broken.

Dream One. I'm in some kind of hospital under ground. There are halls like tunnels off to the sides of a main corridor and dug out cubby holes with people in them that seem to be functioning as beds. I guess I'm an orderly there, I go on a break and climb some stairs up to the street level. This appears to be the main lobby and enterance. There doesn't appear to be a front to the building. Guards with assualt rifles stand on either side of a small wooden folding gate, like the kind used to pen infants in to rooms, and that is serving as the entrance. A line of dirty disheveled people are waiting to gain entrance. There's an old counter with a woman who's running some kind of cafe for workers and patients, and I go over and sit down in an old plastic chair. Seems like a lawn chair or one of those metal and plastic chairs they used to have arround in schools. There's a non-functioning water fountain mounted to the wall, on of those square metal kind, and that's the supposed table. Another worker joins me and we become oblivious to our surroundings. The woman who I ordered some food from, like cookies or something, suddenly slams a fiberglass food tray down between us and we are startled. Everyone waiting, along with the guards start laughing. Not at us, because it's obvious to everyone that she is boiling over jeal.

Dream Two. I'm some kind of volunteer fireman, but very young, and someone says we need to stop at the store. I guess I'm driving and I get out of truck in front of the gas pumps. These are very old gas pumps, like nothing we have today. I look up at the supposed store and I can see it's a nothing more than old large house. It's got the feel and appearance of a remote gas station. Like something you might actually come across in the 50's. Someone asks if I want to go in and I say; "No, there's nothing in there but junk." I then started complaining about our fire truck, which seems to a 50's Chevrolete pick-up with a ladder and some other minor stuff. Someone says to me, in a forlone kind of way; "Well, it's all we got."  I suddenly feel like a jerk for complaining. I then notice our fire house is an open face shed with one or two other old vehicles. There was something also about the gas and how little was available.

At least three other dreams relating to a deminished future and where I am clearly much younger have occured with in the past six months. Hmmmm...can't really say any of the dreams are actually bad, only that they clearly indicate more possible lives I may yet have to live through. Not too sure I really want to have more of this earthly experience, but it does seem I'm coming back like it or not.

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