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Created 2010-05-25
Owner Shocking1
Title of the Dream If a cat has nine how many do we have?
Description of Dream

I have been declared clinically dead on at least 3 seperate occasions when younger and 2 more in adult life.

I mean parents are told sorry we couldn't save him he's on a slab in the fridge best you start making arrangements for the funeral dead.

The first time was what we would now know as a cot death or sudden infant death syndrome. I was found blue and not breathing and despite CPR was unable to be revived. The wait to get a car and the journey to the hospital took approx 45min's during which time i was not breathing. A further 20 min's or so at the hospital and my parents were told sorry nothing we could do. As i was being removed to the morgue about an hour after that i burst back into life with a howl and freaked the hell out of everyone. I have no recollection of these events.

2nd time was about 2 years old and i fell into the fish pond and proceeded to drown. Family thought i was in the house but i had got out and looked a bit too close at the fish. Time estimated at approx 15mins face first in the pond. Again trip to hospital about 45 min's and again told sorry folks he's gone. Estimated time to me waking up again about another 30min's. I remember the pond and waking up in a strange place screaming thats about it.

3rd time was nearly 3 and fell into a tub full of boiling water. Had burns to about 60% of body and went into shock and all systems shut down. Again the trip etc about 45min's parents told most horrific case of that type they had ever seen sorry we couldn't save him. By now my folks were a bit sceptical of the sorry he's gone line and decided not to panic and waited with me. Sure enough about an hour later i pop back into reality and let out a wail. This one i remember, mainly because of the pain involved i think. I spent the next 6 months wrapped in bandages which got changed 2 times a day. The only problem was for the first 4 months every time they changed the bandages they peeled off the fresh layer of skin. So twice a day i was literally getting peeled alive. Not a good look trust me. Luckily i would pass out most of the time.

1st adult experience was under anesthetic for an op to remove a tumour. I simply didn't wake up. This time i was already in hospital so no waiting. Told my folks they tried everything and sorry no go. Again folks waited and this time sure enough about 2 hours later i wake as if nothing had happened. Remember counting backwards from 10 as they injected me with anesthetic and i was still wide awake when i got to 0 which seemed to freak them out so we did it all again and i got down to 2 and passed out.

Repeat for 2nd adult experience.

Sorry if this is a bit long winded but my point is this.

Through all these experiences i have had no great revelation or odd beings communicate or give me messages for the world or any such thing. I clearly remember being totally at peace and just a very calm feeling. I was above looking down at myself in the hospital watching them try to kick me back into life both times and was not the least bit concerned i seemed to know i would be back. Even when i am hearing them say sorry guys this one is toast toss ya for who tells the folks.

What i have found is i have numerous extemely vivid dreams to the point i have suffered injury in real time exactly as shown in the dream, can communicate with a family member by concentrating on a code we set up so we know who it is asking, no talking involved just thought, give me a personal item and i can tell you all about the owner and it's history and some other odd things that 99% of people just don't want to know about. I have been shown how science has no idea of what even the common elements are any more like water , air , fire, etc and are content with trying to own them instead of understand them.

It often makes me curious reading about people who have literally made a name for themselves by seeing the light or getting messages etc and far be it from me to doubt them for the universe sure works in odd ways and hey maybe i only experienced "death lite". Just thought this might encourage others to speak out on a very miss understood subject.


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