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Category Good News!
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Created 2010-11-30
Owner Backenstein
Title of the Dream Leslie Nielsen
Description of Dream

Please put humor aside for a moment, but replace it with joy, which is eternal happiness, not fleeting; that is the emotional context of the experience described here.

Some time between perhaps 5AM and 9:30AM PST on Sunday the 28th, I had a now blurry dream from something of the crew/set of one of the {Naked Gun} movies, with Leslie Nielsen speaking to me, (not w/ words, but emotional telepathy, as is common in my dreams.)  There I got another 'message' from the eternal outside space-time (encompassing it), that I knew I was to (/or could) share here.  (...And I apologize, I get many of these and don't, usually forgetting them quickly, and unfortunately, they make little sense in the (weak) light of our thin physical plane's day.)

Late on Sunday evening, I was very saddened to hear of the great comedian's death - I didn't know, and had completely forgotten about the dream..., but then I remembered something about it; then I remembered one of those special messages/ conclusions; then I believed to actually recall the message, but perhaps can't be certain:

"All the world is a stage, but WE need to go through it."  (Yes, I know the first part is from Shakespeare.)  It was a very light-filled message to be sure.


Support:  The night before, Saturday, I had Leslie Nielsen the actor on my mind by name, and it is a fact that I wrote my Boise State football-loving friend a text message:  "Don't know if you'll get the movie reference, but "Laces out; LACES OUT!!!"." after their staggering loss in what may be Reno's greatest athletic event ever, as the poor, poor undefeated Boise State kicker missed his chance to win and finish the game - twice!  Poor guy.

Final word:  I will never forget, what is one of the greatest, easily reproducible moments of my life, where in one of Leslie Nielsen's movies, Naked Gun, he plays the fictional character Enrique Palazzo!  -Never will forget how funny that is, bringing a deeper joy of life!...

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