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Category Good News!
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Created 2010-11-22
Owner Dustynuke
Title of the Dream brief glimpse of the future
Description of Dream

Im not sure if this is the correct category to post this dream; however, i intuited that this vision or vignette i was being shown, was of a future time and location, long after i've passed.

There was a clearing in a partially forested area. It felt like it was inhabitated and sparse but not primitive. I saw large trees that felt very old. There was tall grass that I could hear in the breeze. People were gathered in a horseshoe configuration in a clearing. They seemed to be gathered around a grave. I noted mentally that this was a "clean or natural" burial.

There was a lot of atmosphere: pollen, insects, dandelion seedlings. My point of view was standing in the opening of this half circle looking in towards the people gathered. The garb of these individuals were simple, muted colors. There was a striking older man with a large greying beard standing near the center of this horseshoe. He wore ritual attire and had a large walking stick with items attached to it. I understood he was an elder, officiating. I understood that there was an aspect to this funeral service that was key to assisting one in the afterlife. An aspect that we dont understand or have forgotten in our present time. Aside him was a yonger woman with very chiseled features. Both faces read as proud and sure. I recognized them both (although i have never seen their faces before). I felt a very strong affinity for them. I also recognized in the gathering, a friend of mine from this life who passed a few years ago. It was her - but different.

There was no sadness in the group. It took on the quality of a quaker gathering, but different. It was silent.  People spoke intermittently. Everything from the clothing, to the semi-circle, to the location felt like it emanated - for lack of a better term - harmony.

I awoke from this dream, with a kind of calm assured happiness in my core that i have not felt for a long time.

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