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Category Good News!
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Created 2010-09-25
Owner Martha
Title of the Dream afterlife bar & grill
Description of Dream

I had this dream 6 or more years ago but it was short & I remember it like it was last night.  It brings me great comfort, actually. 

I fell off of a cliff and hit the bottom.  Knew I was dead.  Next thing I knew, I was at the top of a flight of stairs in a modern looking building --white walls & ceiling in an L-shaped empty landing area.  Wondered what I was supposed to do next.  Walked to a door & opened it.  Inside was a crowded bar -- lots of people laughing & talking.  (In this life I might have been in a bar a dozen times & I don't drink.  So this was unusual.)  Anyway, I met all sorts of old friends & we laughed about "who we were" in the latest lifetime.  High-fived with a few: "Yea! Late 20th Century!  What a hoot!" 

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