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Category Good News!
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Created 2010-09-21
Owner DtheDruid
Title of the Dream Amusing from a long time ago...
Description of Dream

So here is an amuzing dream from my college days. (no i was not on drugs, nor am I a greatful dead listener.)  this is just a fun one I thought i would share.

Dream starts,

I am in a room talking with God, who has chosen to show himself as an old Jerry Garcia.  We are having a conversation when he challenges me to a contest.  I look at him and ask, what kind of contest?  "Who can move the Earth" he replies with a smile.  I look at him and smile back, "Sure, you go first."  God nods, then steps back into space and pulls the earth out of orbit, moves it about and puts it back.  He looks as if there was no way I could beat that.  I nod knowing that his effort was really good.  I then fall to the ground and do a push-up.   God laughs and says he won.  I counter saying No.

He then looks at me and asks why I thought I had won.  My response was this.  "You moved the earth out of its orbit but it never changed to me.  I moved the earth in perspective to me, therefore I moved the earth more according to my viewpoint."  God stood back for a moment and thought, then remarked, "you know what? your right."


I woke up laughing and saying what the #$#@ was that! And still remember it 18+ years later.

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