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Category Good News!
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Created 2010-06-25
Owner ablelba
Title of the Dream Waiting for dinner
Description of Dream

Dreamed in January/February 2010, recounted from memory;

I was at Nixon's Farm, a local farm that the owners rent out for parties and gatherings.  They always host a Thanksgiving Dinner--You take your family there if you don't feel like cooking.

Anyway, I was sitting in a lounge outside the dining area, talking with a young woman who looked very familiar.  She knew all about me but had apparently not seen me for years.  She was asking about my family.  I could not place her. 

Dinner was imminent.  Rich smells of food and low murmuring from the cooks and setup staff came in from the next room.  A large group of family was due soon, but had not yet arrived. 

"I'm certain I know you" I told the woman, "but I can't quite recall your name."

--"Don't worry about it" she said in a relaxed manner, "Wait until the other guests arrive."

"I can almost remember your name!  Its--"

She looked me in the eye, touched my hand, very seriously said, "Don't."

"You're Mary C---!"

The dream broke apart like a mirror, breaking into large pieces.  I woke up still talking to her.  "How have you been!  It's so good to see you again!"

Then I remembered that my friend Mary C had killed herself in the Fall of 1994.


Mary C-- was the first of two dead people who have visited me in my dreams this year. The dead do not show up frequently in my dreams.

The good news: The theme of large numbers of family members arriving to have dinner together with me and a dead friend is consistent with a happy outcome in the afterlife.

The bad news: I am not terminally ill.  Possibly, I and members of my extended family are at a severe risk of death.  I wonder who would have come for dinner, and what would have happened if I had gone in to dinner with them?

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