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Category Bad News!
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Created 2010-09-03
Owner Spike
Title of the Dream (A dream inside of a dream) Sitting with this black laddy / criss-cross neon blue lightning bolts
Description of Dream

I found my self on a park bench with a kid. Then I saw this 50 or 60 year old black laddy so i moved over. She had nasty black blisters on her arms. She poked each one over and over with a needle. I asked her if I could go back she said no. I asked why then I went to sleep on the bench. Once I went to sleep I was in 3rd person then in a blink of a eye. I was at my friends house.  



It was late at night I walked over to a table in front of his house sat down. 

Then once I looked up I saw huge criss-cross neon blue lightning bolts. It took up the whole sky. It was really strange because the lightning never went away. It also was flowing fast stright forward then up into this bubble. I don't know what was sucking up the sky but it was crazy!! It felt like there was some thing pulling on me I felt a steady wind. It picked up so fast. IT took the table from under me. I fell down I found myself on my belly trying to hang on to some thing. But I was slipping down the street. 

                                                                                                           The end 

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I had this dream befor i started reading this book by Patrick Geryl.just to let you know The book is about pole shifts one thing he said was ONCE THE POLES SHIFT WE WILL SEE VIVID SHEETS OF YELLOW, PURPLE, BLUE LIGHTNING BOLTS THAT WILL CRISS CROSS FOLLOWED BY A HUGE TIDAL WAVE.


were i waswere the criss cross was




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