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Category Bad News!
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Created 2010-08-02
Owner Philistine
Title of the Dream Haunted House Plus Impossible Escape
Description of Dream

Last night I had a combo Haunting and Escape dream. I was at the scene of previous dreams. A farm style house with similar neighbors. All with 1 acre or so lots. The "back house", over grown and decrepit, is where the spririts are, this time and previously. I was with a group of fellow travellers and we had stopped at the house. While the others were busy somewhere I decided to get my gear, a flashlight and a gun, and go back to the spirit house to confront what was there. 

A member of my group, a male, joined me. For some reason the lights worked and the house appeared inside as it must have looked when it was lived in. A spirit appeared in the form of a woman in a night shirt, dark hair with no face. She appeared in the entrance to the living room off a main hallway. I went to follow, chills running through me, only to find nothing but an empty hallway with all the lights on. I went back, now alone, to the main house and saw all the neigbors loading up pickups and trailers to evacuate with some haste, but no fear.

 I couldn't find the rest of my party, only all the gear laid out on a table. I never needed, and at this point did not have, my gun or flashlight. I wanted to leave too, but my party never re-appeared. 

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