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Created 2010-12-14
Owner Anya
Title of the Dream My Grandmother
Description of Dream

I lost my grandmother 5 yrs. ago this month. She is missed terribly. I had a very vivid dream that she came to my bed and woke me up (I'm actually not sure if I was dreaming, or if this really happened). I was so happy to see her and told her how beautiful she looked. She looked the same (she was 89 when she died), but did not look old and was just radiant and almost shiney. She told me that she wanted me to come with her because she wanted to show heaven to me. I went and all of a sudden, we were in this wonderfully beautiful place. There were trees everywhere and a stream running very swiftly. I noticed that the water was so clear that I could see to the bottom of it. I remarked to her that it smelled wonderful there. She smiled. Then I saw a road, this appeared to be a rural setting. I looked at it and said, "Oh my God, the streets really are gold!" She said, "Yes, they are". The streets were so very shiney that they looked as if they were made of glass. I was amazed that they really were gold. She took my hand and said that we needed to hurry, she wanted to show me something. When she took my hand, I noticed that her hands were beautiful. My grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and her fingers were turned very badly. In the dream her hands were perfect. I said to her, "Your hands are normal. They look beautiful!" She just giggled. We walked for a few minutes and off in the distance was a huge tree. Nothing else, just the tree. It was so beautiful. All white. All the leaves were so white that it looked like snow. As we got closer we stopped and she said, "Look". I looked at the tree and all of a sudden, the leaves started falling off and flying. I was in total awe that the "leaves" were actually doves. Millions of them. They all took off flying at the same time. Beautiful. I said, "So beautiful". My grandmother said, "I knew you would love that".  That was all there was to it. I woke up and was so very peaceful and felt so happy to have been where we were and to have seen my grandmother again.

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