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Created 2010-09-03
Owner deborah
Title of the Dream They tried to tempt me to come back home
Description of Dream

Our bodies and life on Earth is not very important.  I'd decided I'm not going back home to the heavens after this life.  I am escaping the Earth prison and the amnesia we all have.  But I also felt a little sad since I knew I had friends long long ago in that place.  But for all I know they are now  here on Earth with me so I decided even if I don't stay on Earth I am not going back.     

Anyhow shortly after deciding that I had a dream that was profoundly joyful and powerful.  When people die often they say they are going home.  I know what they refer to.  When I rejected home it came to me in a dream to remind me of it's power. 

 I was near the top of a mountain with a friend.  I don't know who the friend was.  We were waiting at a bus stop.  We waited quite a while and saw a regular human city bus pass.  We walked a block to get a longer view down the road.  We turned around and our bus was at the stop.  It was medium green with no markings or signs.  Even the windows were green.  We both ran full speed back to the bus which was starting to turn around. 

 We got to the drivers door which was on the port side.  The driver wore sunglasses and looked at us.  I noticed we both wore sunglasses too.  The driver said "Take off your sunglasses"  We stood silently and made no move to remove our sunglasses.  When he saw this he jerked his chin towards the back and said "Get in."  Strangely enough the door in was not the door he had opened to speak with us.  It was camoflaged on the side of the bus.  We had to stare at the mechanism for a minute to figure out the secret.  Some of the passengers inside giggled when they saw we did not know how to open the bus.   We figured the puzzle out quickly and got in.

  It looked like a normal bus but people from many nationalities were there.  Everyone in the bus gave off a feeling of intense joy and relief.  It was serene and powerful.  Everyone was talking happily and elated.  While we were sitting down I was suddenly overcome with  unimaginable joy.  It was a feeling of succeeding at the one in a million chance of even getting on the bus and now we are safe within  but most important the bus was headed home.  The thought that there was a home and it was a real place was profound and enticing.  Like someone cherished had died and suddenly were standing in front of you happy and safe.  Overwhelming like if a soldier died in battle and suddenly found himself home with his wife and children and all was well and he knew it was real not a delusion.  I had not expected I would be going home ever and suddenly here I was on the only bus that goes there. 

Seconds after sitting down the bus began to move.  It immediately left the vicinity of Earth and just a moment after that was out of this solar system.  Then it began to beeline towards the center of the galaxy.  At that point in the bus the speakers began to fuzzily give instructions to the passengers.  It was all in an understandable language but the instructions were different for each region or population of people.  Each region had lived with different programming and data and the announcements were telling each tribe and race where they needed to report when we arrived and what they needed to do.  I was then a little surprised that the sound system was so poor.  I was listening anxiously for the data for the native americans but I couldn't quite hear it.  Then just as the dream ended I could see how worn and aged the bus was in addition to the speakers on the fritz.  It's like the dream shut off quick as soon as I saw that and I was wide awake.  Afterwards the incredible feeling of joy lingered.  I was so happy to remember I had a home that was real not here on Earth.  It did not change my mind on not returning.  The dream tried to reactivate my obedience by reminding me of where I came from and instead it inadvertently restored another important memory of what is real and where it is.                 


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