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Created 2010-05-24
Owner d
Title of the Dream TWO GOLD TRUMPETS
Description of Dream

dream dated 5/19/2010

didn't know where else to place this dream.  the principal player was Hugh, a childhood friend.  Hugh passed away in 1991  Up until that year I had not seen or spoken to him since graduating highschool.

hugh was practicing his trumpet for a very important concert in which he had two solo performances.  i was thrilled to see him again but also to hear the beautiful melodies he was practicing as he was always "first chair" my fiercest competitor and friend in the music world since grade 5.  i exclaimed, "hugh, how wonderful it is to hear your music after all these years."  i remember the first trumpet solo he performed with a "gold toned trumpet" being famiiar, something we had performed in our youth.  the second solo however, was totally unfamiliar to me.   upon asking hugh about the two solos hugh said "the first piece/peace is old, the second is new/knew.  the concert of the year in which hugh was to peform with the golden trumpet was in 7 days "one week/weak" he said.  i was dissapointed to find out that i would be unabe to attend at that time but swore to myself i would find a way to be there.

now, one week from last wednesday would be 5/26/10.  in life, hugh's personal trumpet was a very fine silver tone trumpet, not gold.  he was neither happy or sad in this dream and i felt both happiness to see him and sadness as i knew i was not going to be able to attend  the concert of the year

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