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Created 2010-05-23
Owner Annie Mouse
Title of the Dream message from the other side
Description of Dream

I must preface by stating I have a severely broken wrist & arm with tons of hardware in it right now including 7 pins and external fixator. 

I awoke at 4am after having friendly conversation with "Ann Doner" she wears a 40ish hair style and is of the same physical genre as Nicole Kidman. we talk of schools for children, and other pleasantries.. she lends me her computer to look up a phone number and instead of finding the number, I find hundreds of medical abstract articles. I awake thinking that she must of been a physician. google search reveals that "ann doner vaughan" was the president of kappa delta during  the 40's and was instrumental in setting up an alliance with the american  orthopedic association to award grants for abstracts and research work in the field of orthopedics.    pretty strange huh..... see oref.org

I still dont know what Ann wants me to know....   you couldnt make this up !!

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