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add to favorites 2014-08-13 Iris Tennis / Politics: Asia vs US / win-win
No Picture
Intended 8/17/2014.
Background: A technology colleague of mine, "Fang",(from 30 yrs ago), is a native of Taiwan, and is an avid tennis player.
Dream: I was at an international tennis tournament to watch Fang play. The location was "Obachum" (symbolic for Obama? or U.S.?) The match was quite close, the crowds were very enthusiastic, Fang won, all parties were pleased.
Meaning: Taiwan / Far East challenging U.S. in some matter, U.S. gives in, win-win for all concerned.
add to favorites 2014-08-08 Iris Bio-hazard Terrorism in Hospital
No Picture
In early August, before sleeping, intended for news event on August 13, 2014.

I was in a hospital corridor, and outside the window looked like this was on or near a large college campus (or maybe a medium sized metro area), so perhaps this was a campus hospital. About 10 hospital personnel, dressed in hospital garb, were walking / working in the corridor. The people were Caucasian, and I assumed this was in North America. A worker, also dressed in hospital garb, came in and opened a closet/utility door. Then when he opened his hospital coat, he appeared to be wired with explosives. Before anyone had time to act, he exploded the device. But rather than detonating an explosive bomb, he detonated some type of bio-hazard (virus or toxin). All of the people present were then put in isolation.
add to favorites 2014-07-30 Cara phone call-power of right information
No Picture
This is my fourth project August dream. They all either contain either visual and or information themes.

Jul 29, 2014

Phone rang at 3:00 in the morning. I was in my parent's house but they were not home. My husband answered thinking it was a call he was expecting. Someone in his family was traveling and were to call when they boarded a bus and that the most dangerous part of the trip was over.

I was about to take our dog out back right before the ring. It was a recruiter for my job field. He said he didn't understand why I wasn't paid more for my previous jobs. I told him that is all they would pay and I didn't have luck with any interviews. I told him there was little demand for life science and chemistry majors.

He gave a cheesy motivational speech. "Do you want to make so little for ever? It doesn't matter what education anyone has, if it is right and valuable then it is right and valuable. Didn't you pay and study to learn what you learned? The right information is powerful."

The job was for a sanitary technician. Probably ensuring the safety and documentation of procedures of a water or waste water processing plant.

I thought he was an employment coach and not a recruiter. I wasn't in the mood to be sold something of no value.

Even though it was night it was very dark for being in a suburb. None of the neighbors or streets had any light on. There were not moon or stars. The lights in the house were not the normal lights but something more like night lights which I don't use unless there is overnight company.

I used the landline phone rather than the cordless which is normally used. The old phone is just kept for a backup or power outages.
add to favorites 2014-07-28 BlueMagneticEagle Chaos, Submarines, and President Hillary
No Picture
In my dream, I was walking along a highway, and I saw some great commotion in a field to the right of me. There were a few fire trucks, a lot of police, some helicopters, and quite a few Federal agents. I wandered into the field, to get a closer look. I thought there was some sort of fire, or something happening with either a herd of cows or horses. As I approached a bunch of white, unmarked vehicles, a tall man with a military feel about him, walked up to me and asked me what I was doing. I asked him what was going on, and he told me there was nothing to see there, and I needed to leave. He grabbed my shoulder, turned me around, and escorted me out of the scene. After that happened, my dream changed, and all of a sudden, I was in a submarine, underneath the ocean. I was standing next to an Asian looking guy, and he had a very distant, cold look to his face. He was operating the sub, and was standing in front of a radar. He was mumbling something about being underneath the sea for a long time, and he was eager to get back home. I remember watching the radar, and seeing nothing but emptiness for a long time. I started to feel claustrophobic, and pitied the guy who had had to endure the cramped quarters and empty radar for who knows how long, when, suddenly, a MASSIVE image appeared on the radar, and we were headed right into it. I was instantly teleported out of the submarine and into the area of the massive image, which turned out to be a HUGE underwater city. I was swimming in the deep water, and found an entrance to the city, so I swam inside. At first, I saw just an empty city. No inhabitants of any kind. Then, suddenly, I was maliciously greeted by mermaids. Not the typical, beautiful mermaids, but mean, demonic looking mermaids. I panicked, and once again, I was thrown into a different dream set. This time, I was in a small town, with an old-Western type of feel. I was operating a cart on the side of a road, in front of a small bed and breakfast type place, and I was selling popcorn. I went through a few customers, and once I sold my last bucket of popcorn, I decided to go into the bed and breakfast to see what it was like. It was a VERY small place, with only 2 or 3 bedrooms that were rentable to the public. The main feature of this B&B, was it's closeness to an old railroad, and it offered rides on an old steam-engine train. It was very classic, and I loved the place. As I was heading out of the B&B, I saw some commotion in the lobby, and made my way into a small, barrel-shaped side room. Inside this room, was Hillary and Bill Clinton. I asked them what they were doing, and Hillary replied that she was there, awaiting the results of the Presidential election. I proceeded to yell at her, telling her that she wasn't good for the country, she was no better than Obama, and she did NOT have my support. She just stood there, smiled and nodded. As soon as I got done yelling at her, to my dismay, someone came inside the room to inform her that she had won the election. She was to be our next President. At that moment, she hugged Bill, and they proceeded to gather their things and leave, and that's when I woke up.
add to favorites 2014-07-28 Eric Underground Loyalty
No Picture
Date: 2014-07-25
Time: 0513
Type: Quasi-lucid, linear, POV (emotional)

I am a member of some kind of exploration team that ventures among the stars. While exploring an apparently barren planet with a surface similar to that of Mars (red, desert-like and rocky), we stumble upon a huge and isolated underground facility. We surmise that it may have once belonged to the original inhabitants and that its purpose had something to do with “mining.” The facility was originally located from above while we were surveying the planet and identified by its proximity to a large gorge or crevasse, as well as what appeared to be a “landing pad” structure that we used to eventually land our aerial vehicles. I recall that the landscape, in addition to being mountainous and barren, was also very dimly lit, as if it was nighttime, or the planet had no atmosphere.

The next thing I remember is walking into a cavern adjacent to the landing pad. The facility itself does not appear to be very deep (which was a surprise to me), but is divided into several chambers, similar to an ant nest. It also doesn’t take us long to figure out that it is still operational. The group decides, that in order to ascertain the true purpose and function of the structure, we will disguise ourselves as the native human-looking workers and pretend to go about our “regular duties.” Each of us has a part to play and the position that I am given will be equivalent to an “assistant manager” or one of two “head supervisors” (these positions were not labelled in any way, but this is the closest comparison).

As I am led down to the work chamber by a guide of some sort, he explains to me that my role will be to ascertain or judge the usefulness as well as the unquestionable loyalty of the workers to the overseeing governing body (which feels very similar to a small ruling oligarchy). As we pass the final descending ramp, he indicates through a window to my right, a side-chamber from which a large, hand-sized red button protrudes from the nearest wall. Since all of the walls look very similar (light brown, rocky, yet smooth), the button is a very distinctive feature. My guide informs me that at the end of the work scenario, there will be an important inspection during which this button will determine the fate of the workers.

Before entering the main chamber, I am joined by a short woman (whom I never actually visually see for some reason) that holds the same prominent position that I do, and will be responsible for assisting me in my duties. I suddenly become aware that what distinguishes us from the “common” workers is our telepathic ability and therefore, our ability to communicate with the native rulers or overseers. These overseers are the original inhabitants of the planet and are of a completely different species. They are much taller than us, humanoid, completely bald, have a greyish-greenish-brown hue to their skin, large dark eyes and a regular sized mouth.

The next thing I know, the short woman and I are conversing with the tall (and rather gentle) personal female servant of the ruling “manager” of the facility. Despite being of different species, we seem to get along with her very well. She informs us that the overseer will be arriving shortly as we stand in a small anti-chamber called the “launch room” and face a wall-coloured door to an elevator of some sort, where he will emerge. As we anticipate his imminent appearance, my thoughts turn to two major concerns – the first regarding whether or not this being will recognize my true identity, and the second involving the gravity of the decision that I will have to make concerning the common workers.

The “manager” finally appears in a rather ostentatious robe. His facial expression clearly denotes boredom and it seems as though he just wants this formality to be over with. As the four us now enter the main chamber, I suddenly become aware of two side chambers two my right that feel like “jails” in case of worker insubordination. The rooms inside the jails are organized like the branches of a tree (I don’t know the reason for this). Inside the large main chamber, all ~100 workers are positioned in neat rows awaiting “inspection” by the manager, the short woman and myself. It is clear that as we pass each worker, we are to “scan” their minds in order to identify those that are “most fit to serve” or else potential troublemakers. The troublemakers are sent to the “jail” chambers and the rest remain. As we pass by the rows, some of the workers give me telling glances that denote combinations of hatred, fear, confusion, amusement, or plain anger. Among them, I can also identify a few very proud and strong individuals standing aptly at attention and staring unblinkingly over our heads. For some reason, this amuses me. Nevertheless, I am emotional perturbed by a strong theme to all of their thoughts – a recognition – the need for me to recognize that I am one of them and that we are all playing “parts” in this grand “deception.” Overall (and as expected), most of the workers put on physical and mental facades during the inspection in order to secure their own survival.

As the inspection continues, I begin to identify with a distinct aspect of myself that actually enjoys this work. It isn’t long before this part of me (resembling an inflated ego) attempts to convince me that I am an expert at what I do and should not concern myself with emotions like compassion or guilt. This same part encourages me to pander to the expectations of the manager and to simply “play along.”

In the end, a total of 5-10 people are sent to the jail compartments as the manager, his assistant, the short woman and I retreat into the short alcove that contains the red button. Following a short verbal discussion that reveals our overall disappointment with the loyalty of the workers (I find this odd since we ARE telepathic), the manager positions himself by the button and asks me for my final vote. A thumbs up will indicate my approval and a thumbs down will lead to the “incineration” of the workers. With my ego now in control, I put on a convincing grimace, raise my right hand and give a thumbs down. The short woman does likewise.

Along the wall to my left, I can see 10 or so male workers sitting in a neat row and awaiting their fate. I recognize two of them as personal friends. With a look as if he is literally about to die of boredom, the manager pushes the red button and an enormous flame erupts out of the main chamber behind me and shoots across the workers against the wall. I watch in fascination as the flame recedes, and the workers stand up in unison, only to sit back down again and be engulfed by a second flame that reduces them to ash.

As the manager makes his way back to the launch room, he passes me on my right and says “Call me when they’re ready.” The moment he disappears back up his elevator, I let out a sigh of relief and return to the jail compartments where I meet up with my friends and indicate to them that “we can finally leave now.” All of us take a moment to reflect on the fact that despite “losing many people, we’re still alive.” This is when I wake up with the faces of the friends I knowingly sentenced to death still fresh in my mind.
add to favorites 2014-07-27 Astral Unravel Munich or Berlin?
No Picture
I was watching handicam footage on the TV news of a white tower with a sharp point, spouting smoke into the air. I watched the camera bob up and down in the air as if on a trampoline and I felt a sense of vertigo watching this. I wondered how the camera man was jumping so high in the air and I figured it had to be a drone camera. Then I saw someone throw a water bottle at a drone in the sky and knock it down. The owner of the drone cursed the man out. There was a crowd of people congregating underneath the tower, watching in awe. Then the camera turned from the tower and ran away down the street. I followed the camera, now fully immersed in the action. There was chaos in the streets, people running and cars crashing. There were light rail trains derailing and braking hard when people ran out in front of them. I asked myself why people were acting so reckless. I realized that based on the style of the white trains, it looked like a European city. I thought that it was maybe Germany. Now I had entered the scene, running next to the camera man, and I followed him. We ran into a subway and were immediately transported to another spot in the city, but it was now nighttime and quiet, and there were very few lights here. I finally asked the man if this was Germany. He said yes. I asked if it was Berlin and he said yes. I thought the city looked a lot like Munich, especially with the burning lookout tower, and I asked if it wasn't Munich. He said no, it was Berlin. Berlin has a lookout tower as well, much like Munich's. He said that the Magnavox building was burning, which confused me. I knew that Munich had the BMW headquarters, along with what I thought was a record company. He kept running down the dark street but I didn't want to follow. He did stop to talk to some women before running off again. I paused, looking up and down the dark outskirts of the city and thought it might be too sketchy, so I turned around to return to the main city, walking underground into the subway. I thought about calling my mom and telling her that I had been transported somehow to Germany, but how could I tell her that?
add to favorites 2014-07-27 eagleyes2643 Immigrant Riots
No Picture
I had a dream that a National Guard member killed a MS13 gang member causing riots at the facilities in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.The gang members refused to go back to their countries taking hostages at all 3 facilities
add to favorites 2014-07-27 Elyse Blue Comet
No Picture
I can't remember a lot of the dream, but in this dream I was dreaming that NASA was watching the Dream Center for some reason and collecting data for themselves by browsing the dreams. I watched lots of men at computers in a big white room scanning and compiling information but there was a big glass window in front of them and I could see outer space through it.

Then, I was somehow in space watching a man who was flying alone looking at the stars. While I watched, he made a surprised face and pulled out a piece of paper and started scribbling something down franticly. I looked past him and saw a comet making it's way towards earth. It had a long blue tail and looked as if it was moving very slowly, but it was very hard to tell how fast it was moving in space because there was so much space and no way for me to measure the speed in which it was traveling.

The man panicked and tried to make his way back to earth to warn everyone, but then something or someone caused whatever he was traveling in to explode. (I'm not entirely sure what kind of thing he was in... it wasn't a spaceship)

I woke up from my dream IN my dream and told my mother about what had happened and she asked if I caught the guy's name. I did not. I was never in contact with anyone, I was just watching everything from a distance. She told me that news had broken out that there had been an explosion in the air somewhere and that a man had been killed, so maybe I was dreaming about the man who had just died. I was upset and paced back and forth thinking about it. Maybe... but if I was dreaming of the guy who had been killed in the explosion, then I knew that it wasn't an accident and that someone had deliberately made sure that he couldn't say anything about the comet. Why wouldn't someone want us to know about the comet?

I decided in the dream, that I would write the Dream Center about it, but worried that because the man was featured on the news, it would be shrugged off as being day residue. I wanted to call a news station or something, but who would really believe me dream? I was very upset and felt hopeless that I wouldn't be able to get the man's warning out.
add to favorites 2014-07-26 Wendy Campbell Snow
Last two dreams, I have had snow or winter in them. Also, the color white was pointed out when in my dream I remember asking what is the significant color as I looked down at my shirt I seen an all white solid color. And as I was running I seen snow and it felt very cold.
It would not stay this way the entire dream, but my first night dream started with my boyfriend driving and I was the passenger and we were on a winding road with mountains to the left of us and water and a huge cliff to the right. All of a sudden, all this dark reddish brown, with gray Hughes of some ashy substance started to cover the entire car. My boyfriend could not see and we instantly fell to the right and into the water. For about 15 seconds I was scared frozen then I tried to unfasten my seatbelt. I felt cold water rushing in, and at that moment I woke.
Second night...again there was snow and it was dark or night. Which also was the case in the first dream as well.
I was running again, this time with people I didn't know. We were so cold and found a cave to hide in. I felt fear again, but did not know why. Someone had a burning rag on a long branch that lit the cave and we huddle around each other, not one person saying anything. I woke.
add to favorites 2014-07-26 WingLeaf 715 Millions of Silver-White Birds Flying in the Night Sky
No Picture
This is from a series of dreams I have had in the last week containing the number 8. A friend of mine told me about the August Project after I told her about these dreams:

I am walking back from somewhere late at night with Sue Young. We are in a very northern area (northern Canada, maybe near the North Pole, but there is no snow). I can see the curvature of the earth from our perspective and a vast rolling landscape. I look up and see what at first looks like a very thin, filmy, moving cloud, which covers much of the sky. I am surprised that it is moving so quickly, as the air is somewhat still with no wind. I look more closely and see this is not a cloud but millions of silver-white birds who seems to be making figure 8 patterns around each other, as the whole "cloud mass" moves forward. Sue seems to be non-plussed by this event. I am alarmed and say that this is not natural—most birds don't fly at night, especially in such large numbers. Sue doesn't seemed concerned and says maybe their lost and disregards my concern. I tell her we must hurry back—I am anxious to tell Craig or someone who might take me seriously.



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