Welcome to the National Dream Center

The National Dream Center collects and analyzes dreams primarily for their predictive characteristics. Dreams are well-known for mirroring back our true selves, helping us determine what kind of world we are actually creating. Additionally, many of us have one, many, or a continuous stream of undeniable, precognitive dreams (those that accurately predict the future). In short, our dreams are our future!

Therefore, we need your help. We need your dreams to have a better picture of where humanity is headed. What is our vector, and will we like our destiny? Our publicly-searchable database, called the DreamBase, is the repository of all our glorious and not-so glorious dreams. Please help us today and log your dreams with us...it’s free!

...where dreams converge with destiny!

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4/16/2014 Project August opens 2 weeks early! Because of popular demand, Project August is now open, a full two weeks prior to the original opening date. Those who have fully registered may now input your dreams into the DreamBase category, "Project August." Keep in mind that we will be holding the dreams out of public view for a certain period of time for administrative reasons only. Until we begin approving / releasing those dreams to the public, the Project August widget will show the number 0 no matter how many dreams are collected; however, we will periodically discuss certain dreams in the DreamBlog. Remember, only registered participants will have approved dream inputs. To begin the registration process, please click here.

4/13/2014 – Registration now open for Project August (100% free to participate). Don't be put off by the registration paperwork--I just have to keep from getting sued. The process is so simple, it boggles the mind...1. make a pre-sleep intention to dream about Aug 2014 and 2. record the dream in the DreamBase (yes, it's that simple, and it's free!) No matter what type of dreamer you are (from barely remembering dreams to the prolific lucid and/or precognitive dreamers), you do NOT want to miss out on this amazing new dream project. To find out more about the procedures and to register (including anonymous sign-up), please click here. What will happen during the month of August 2014?

4/11/2014 – Drifting toward balance. The staff will be adding a few new positive-oriented DreamBase categories that will drift the overall tone of the database to a more balanced position. Rationale: Our collective dreams have the capability to not only predict the future, but also create our collective future. Guests are highly encouraged to submit very positive dreams that "feel somewhat precognitive." Positive future dreams may include (but certainly not limited to) scientific breakthroughs, creative insights, new economy(ies), positive social changes, peace coming to a war zone, dimensional shifts, etc.

4/10/2014 – Project August. The staff is pleased to announce a new dream project, called “Project August.” The goal of this project is to determine our collective ability to piece together future events for specific timelines (such as the month of August 2014). Participating dreamers from all over the world will dream the future...that is, August 2014, and we need as many people as possible. Free to participate, but registration will be required (can do this anonymously)...Learn about precognitive dreaming while you help. Continue checking here for updates...